Everest Nightscape – The story behind the picture

Everest Nightscape was possibly the single most challenging photograph I have ever taken. An adventurous 200+ kilometer hike through the heart of the Nepalese Himalaya with almost 10,000 meters of elevation gain brought me to this unreal scene at 5550 meters. A gigantic panorama of 16 ultra-wide angle shots was needed to capture the full extend of the Khumbu Glacier with Everest in the center, resulting in a mind-blowing 1.2 gigapixel image!

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Sailing Tuamotus – A French Polynesia Travel Video

After some long hours of editing in front of the computer screen, I present my newest experiment into film making. Please enjoy a true glimpse into paradise. The video was filmed while sailing across the extremely remote Tuamotus atolls. Exploring French Polynesia has certainly been an all-time favorite destination for me so far!

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